26 – Zahra Ebrahim on Sharing Ideas Freely


On this episode of Tiny Conversations I talk to Zahra Ebrahim about the importance of sharing ideas – from why she believes in sharing an idea right from its inception, to why people are afraid to share and what can go wrong…and right…when we decide to share.

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24 – Building a Tiny Home with The Hobohemians


On this episode of Tiny Conversations I talk to Kat Walters and Matthew Davey about their project to build a tiny home. The two call themselves the Hobohemians and they are building a 8′ x 20′ house on a flatbed trailer.

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23 -Making Meaningful Connections with Stef Teitelman and Mike Smith


On this episode of Tiny Conversations I talk to Stefanie Teitelman and Mike Smith about their social event “Fresh Summer Fiesta” and making meaningful connections. Stef and Mike started Fresh Summer Fiesta as a way to help people, they describe, as “consciously living” re-connect with themselves, other like-minded individuals, and their surroundings.

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22 – Having a Transgender Partner and Parent with Alison and Jonah Brooks


On this episode of Tiny Conversations I talk to Jonah and Alison Brooks about having a transgender parent and partner. I wasn’t until Dee and Alison were married, and Jonah was born, that Dee realized she was transgender and came out to both Alison and Jonah.

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21 – Telling Emotional Stories with Alex Blumberg


On this episode of Tiny Conversations I talk to Alex Blumberg. If you don’t know who Alex Blumberg is, chances are you’re familiar with his work. He’s a former producer for radio shows like This American Life, Planet Money, and most recently the Podcast Start Up.

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20 – Doing a Good Job with Helen Payne


On this episode of Tiny Conversations I talk to Helen Payne. I met Helen on a cold, Winter day at Arrowhead Provincial Park. There Helen is the Supervisor of all Guest Services, meaning she has a lot of responsibilities.

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19 – How to Raise a Feminist with Tallulah Hershorn


On this episode of Tiny Conversations the tables are turned and I am the one being interviewed. Tallulah Hershorn is a friend and new mother who is worrying a lot about the kind of child she may raise. She asked me why I am such a vocal feminist and how she can raise her child to be vocal about social issues (like equal rights) as well.

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